Read 451 Research’s latest report on Drishti’s AI and video technology for manual assembly lines.

Coverage includes a 7% cycle time reduction • Major cost savings after quality issues • 50x reduction in AI training time • And more

451 Research is part of S&P Global Business Intelligence. Analysts Nick Patience, Ian Hughes and Jeremy Korn studied Drishti and wrote this report to help their manufacturing customers understand our video analytics and video traceability technology.

Download this free report to learn what 451 Research thinks their customers should know as they consider Drishti for transforming their assembly lines.

Note: This report has been updated by 451 Research to cover major advances in Drishti’s technology, including a 50x reduction in AI training time.

451 Research is part of S&P Global Market Intelligence

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Nick Patience is lead analyst for AI and machine learning for 451 Research.



Rachel Dunning is a senior research associate in the Data, AI & Analytics channel at 451 Research.

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