Here’s how AI turbocharges lean

“Digital lean” is the next evolution of the lean methodology

For the first time in manufacturing history, AI gives manufacturers a way to capture data on manual assembly at scale

The result is greater insights on what’s happening on the plant floor, which drives better decision-making. And that means higher quality, greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

50 years ago, lean methodologies revolutionized manufacturing. The next evolution of that practice is “digital lean,” which will disrupt the industry just as profoundly.

Digital lean is going to drive…

  • Complete video traceability
  • In-line quality inspection
  • Less reliance on visual inspection
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Automated just-in-time inventory management
  • Elastic production to meet elastic logistic demands
  • Machine learning and simulation
  • Optimized manufacturing flow and plant layout
  • Training for greater efficiencies

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