In a post-COVID world, are manufacturers making the right investments to increase their adaptability to change?

The past several months have made it all too clear that manufacturing is susceptible to a host of threats from the outside world, as well as challenges from within. According to our survey of 400 senior manufacturing leaders, adaptability for the future is more important than efficiency, and people play a key role. But they are investing more in efficiency and automation.


Because people are unreliable, hard to find, cause defects and otherwise compromise efficiency. And in many cases, manufacturers mistakenly believe that the work people do can’t be optimized any further than it is today.

We break down all the data in our latest report, including:

  • What manufacturers across verticals perceive as their top threats
  • How manufacturers are preparing for uncertain futures
  • Top staffing and training concerns
  • Internal roadblocks to implementing lean practices

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