How new tech evolves standardized work  

Wednesday, July 13, 2022 1 p.m. EDT

Dr. Prasad Akella, chairman and founder of Drishti, is teaming up with one of the brightest minds in our industry, Dr. Jeffrey Liker, author of “The Toyota Way,” to deliver a webinar focused on how Industry 4.0 technologies can evolve standardized work.

In this webinar, they will discuss the foundations of standardized work, how it was redefined by Toyota and how new technologies drive continuous improvement across all manufacturing.

Topics in this webinar will include:

  1. Standardized work: The evolution of a foundational manufacturing principle
  2. Continuous improvement means never achieving “perfect”
  3. Using standardized work as a basis for quality improvement
  4. How standardized work puts people at the center of the process
  5. How to use new technologies like AI to evolve standardized work for Industry 4.0

Plus: We’ll be giving away 10 copies of “The Toyota Way,” signed by the author, during this webinar.

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