The Line Worker: A Manufacturer's Greatest Asset

How manufacturers can use technology to hire, train, retain and support their workers to achieve greater efficiency and quality

Manufacturing needs workers — over 72% of all assembly tasks are still done by hand. Businesses across industries are hiring entry-level talent; there’s a “help wanted” sign on every door on Main Street. And these companies are getting creative about the compensation packages they offer to keep workers engaged.

This competition makes it harder than ever to attract, train, retain and engage workers.

In this eBook, we cover: 

  • Perceptions about manufacturing from within and outside of the industry,
  • How manufacturers can position themselves as an appealing alternative to industries hiring the same talent,
  • Ways to train and develop new (and existing) employees more effectively and in less time,
  • Tips for using new technology to incentivize and reward employees who excel, aiding in retention, and
  • The fundamentals to building a safe, pleasing work environment that respects the workers on the line.

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